Get ready to Inspire ‘Wine Bar Envy!’
This über-swank wine & spirits cabinet poses as a Qing Dynasty wedding cabinet, but remove the linch pin and give the door a push to tap the Red Emperor’s “Inner James Bond,” revealing an alter identity as a fully functional home bar!

Standing at 53 inches tall, the cabinet is designed to hold 13 bottles of wine, 18 bottles of spirits, 12 wine glasses, 9 whiskey snifters or shot glasses, along with drawers and compartments for accessories, decanters and wine buckets. There is also a convenient counter top preparation area!

Exquisitely hand-crafted of 1.5″-thick solid elm and lacquered to a perfect antique-red and stained walnut finish, this baby is 150 pounds of SOLID HIGH QUALITY—No ticky-tacky fiberboard or allen wrenches here!!! Designed to be a family heirloom you can pass down for generations, maintenance and care instructions are included.

The Red Emperor Wine Bar was produced on a Limited Edition basis— (ONLY 25 WERE MADE!)— when these are gone, that’s all she wrote!

Shipping (included) is done by special delivery—The bar will arrive at your home and be placed in a spot of your choosing, with all packaging materials carted away. Bingo—you’re a wine bar rock star! (we may need to confirm some things with you about your home location, stairs, etc first).

(Props and Accessories NOT included.)

Antique style Asian wine cabinet revolves out

to become a fully functional home bar!


Only available in the USA.

If you are a Retailer or an Interior Designer buying for your client, please inquire.



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